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Dick Sterry is the local, independent WSI Digital Marketing Consultant serving the New England area and located in the Manchester, New Hampshire office.  He’s a  20 year marketingSterry_Background_Logos veteran who specializes in helping companies grow by implementing strategic business solutions that are measurable and repeatable.  For the last 10 years he has worked with a diverse set of companies in communications software, personal transportation, software security and technology products distribution.   As a digital marketing consultant, Dick focuses on product marketing programs including Search Engine Marketing (SEO and PPC), Mobile marketing, and Social Media Marketing.   Dick has a management degree from Michigan State University and an MBA from Wayne State University.

Dick’s experience as a digital marketing consultant has helped several companies grow from a few million dollars to upwards of $100 million.  As VP of Marketing at Microcom, he broadened the company’s market into remote networking and mobile  communications.  He has worked with a variety of marketing channels including direct sales, resellers, and distributors.  He has introduced close to a hundred products to marketing using a variety of digital and traditional marketing methods.  Dick has a basic belief that any marketing program should be:

  • able to be measurable, so that success can be monitored
  • dynamic, so that it can be changed with agility as business needs change
  • repeatable, with a focus on profitability
  • able to be tracked, so investments pay off

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