The Importance of Email to Social Marketing Strategy

Much has been discussed in the past year about how email is dying as a marketing tool. Many people say that social media has replaced email as a part of the marketing mix and that no one uses email any more.  But as WSI’s good friend Ron Cates from Constant Contact is accustomed to asking a large group – Who has checked Twitter today? (some hands go up).  Who has checked Facebook today? (some hands go up).  Who has checked their email today (ALL the hands go up!)

Here’s a good email marketing article written by Gail Goodman of Constant Contact on how social media is using email to boost retention of users.   There are several tips you can use to not only build your prospect and customer base, but also keep regular contact with them.

You really need to have a balanced plan of attack in marketing strategy. But email is a crucial component due to its ubiquity, simplicity and relatively low cost.  As Gail points out, “Take a tip from the big guys and use email to stay connected”.

Dick Sterry

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