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Many smaller professional services companies often feel that having a solid internet presence isn’t worth the time and effort.  They worry that bigger companies will occupy mindshare, that social media may be too risky and that getting more visible through higher search rankings will be too expensive.  This may be short sighted.

WSI ProEMarketing recently completed a web site redesign and site optimization for a patent agency called Marino Patents.  The redesign involved creating a brand new site centered around significant content, making it more of a reference site for people looking for patent services.  Marino Patents has been in business for twenty years, but previously had only a one page website.  Their new site has a wealth of information about the patent process, types of patents, and issues surrounding patents. This makes the site a destination for people looking for patent information.

In a short amount of time, the results have been very good. By developing the new site to be “search engine optimization friendly” the number of visitors to the site has increased tremendously.  The content is keeping visitors on the site longer and looking at more pages.  This has resulted in more contacts for the agency.

Because this was a complete overhaul of the agency’s existing site, WSI ProEMarketing were able to build in optimization to the content as it was written. And, since the content is now being referenced from other sites, the search engines see the site as an authoritative site which helps people find the information they are looking for. The best part is that the investment that Marino Patents made has paid off within a matter of months based on the number of leads coming in.

When you consider the value of having higher ranking web properties and its impact on your lead activity, the return on your investment can be significant. Make sure you factor it into your overall costs.

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