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Our marketing webinars are designed to be more specific and data-driven than our whitepapers. The webinars are conducted once a month by an expert from within our powerful network or a member of the Corporate Team. The idea is to give you a specific overview of a tactic or strategy and then provide examples of where and how they’ve been applied to return measurable results.

Featured Webinar

Join WSI’s free webinar entitled “Web Analytics: How to Make your Digital “Brain” Smarter with Data and Insights” as WSI Digital Marketing Consultant, Dominique De Coster shares valuable advice on the “what, how and why” for strategic digital measurement and how you can use this data to improve your brand’s digital presence. This month’s webinar will give you the opportunity to empower your digital brain with actionable marketing insights.

When you attend the webinar you will also receive our complimentary marketing guide that is designed to help you measure and manage the results of your marketing campaigns. I hope you can join in to discover how you can enhance your team’s digital initiatives.

Note: You will need to put my name, Dick Sterry, to complete the registration. This way, I can continue to send you information that you may find useful to your marketing strategies.


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All WSI digital marketing webinars are recorded, so in case you missed them, here’s what we’ve done:

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