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What Data Can You View With Website Visitor Tracking Software?

 IP tracking, or lead generation software, is a powerful tool for any business to utilize. Having a better understanding of where in the sales funnel aLead_Forensics_Graphic potential lead is, and being able to follow this up at the appropriate stage with the necessary knowledge will save your business time, and ultimately enhance sales in the long run. With lead generation software this is exactly what can be achieved, as your business will be able to view details of the companies that have visited your website pages. These insights put you ahead of your competitors and allow your sales team to strategically target new and relevant leads. So, if your company is looking to use lead generation software or you want to get more from this platform, what data are you able to view and how will this help your business? 

Businesses landing on your pages

Lead generation software allows you to discover which businesses are looking at your website pages. To comply with the Data Protection Act the software does not reveal the person by name, however it does disclose the details of the business viewing your site. Besides seeing who has come to your pages, the software will also detail which areas of your business they are interested in, the date and time of their visit, and the referring site that brought them to your pages. All of this information can be passed onto your sales team in order for them to make contact with new potential leads.

Contact information

A lead isn’t worth much if  you don’t have their contact details. Lead generation software will detail their address, telephone number, website, the industry they work in, and also specify when they were founded. This data is pivotal in establishing a relationship with new leads and contacting them to move further into the negotiation stages of the sales chain. Without this software in operation, your site visitors are lost targets if they view your pages and never end up contacting you.

Referring sites

In addition to the top keywords used to navigate to your site, lead generation tools can also display the referring sites that have brought traffic to your pages. So, for example, LinkedIn might be one of your top sources for referral traffic as it has brought a high volume of people from this source directly to your website. This means that you can focus on using this particular source in the future to encourage even more referral traffic. It’s also possible to shift the timeframe within the application so that you can clearly see which referring sites are popular over a longer duration of time.

Hit rate and browser detail

Discover how many hits your business has received in the last week or over a longer period and see which browser they used to access your site. This will allow you to determine which days your site received a high level of engagement and potentially link that back to a cause. For example, if you visited a conference or event, you might observe a much higher number of hits the following day than any other day in the week. In addition, access data to show you the most popular browser that people use to find your site, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This will allow you to see the journey that each customer has taken through your site and via which browser.

Most popular pages

Find out which pages of your site are the most popular, as well as those with the highest average visit duration. You can also determine how leads arrived on your site by looking at the top landing pages, before viewing the most popular exit pages too. This process gives you an understanding of the natural journey that a business has taken to find and then move through your site. Pages that have observed high exit rates can also be refined in order to encourage more conversions too. For example, from this data you can establish if you need to add more call to actions or your company contact details on more of your pages. This will help you to garner the attention of your audience and ensure that the information they need is provided on each page.

A multitude of data at your fingertips

Lead generation software is incredibly simple to use and provides you with a range of invaluable data and insights to enhance your sales and marketing strategy. With in-depth information presented on every potential lead, you can streamline your sales process and target relevant hot leads to help increase company revenue. Remember, lead generation software gives you the insights that both your marketing and sales team need in order for your business to succeed.

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